We have a vision for LaGrange County

The purpose of Hawpatch Trail is to vastly improve citizen, resident, and motorist safety by constructing an ADA compliant non-motorized trail according to acceptable engineering standards. Additionally, all improvements under this project will lead towards enhancing quality of life for all LaGrange County residents, and connect the towns of Millersburg, Topeka, and Wolcottville.

The county roads that grid the area between Millersburg and Wolcottville are typically narrow and many are unimproved or have stone surfaces. These conditions do not allow for a safe route for pedestrians to travel along the region. With the local culture including a large Amish community, a large amount of pedestrians exist on foot and bicycle. Having a direct trail that is isolated will provide a safe and direct route for these pedestrians to traverse among the three towns as well as potential future connections to other area trails.

The planned route for the Hawpatch Trail is in close proximity to other regionally connecting trails. The Pumpkinvine Trail is located approximately 7.5 miles northwest of the western limits of the corridor study area. This trail traverses from the City of Goshen to Town of Shipshewana. Similarly, the corridor for the Fishing Line Trail is located 2.5 miles to the south of the eastern terminus of the study corridor. The Fishing Line Trail connects this western point to the City of Kendallville.

Proposed route for the Hawpatch Trail in LaGrange County, Indiana

Proposed route for the Hawpatch Trail in LaGrange County, Indiana

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